Cylinder fills you can trust

Scuba Central maintains it's Compressors and fill stations to the highest industry standard. Filters are replaced every 200 hours and voluntary Air quality tests are submitted every 6 months. Nitrox fills are done using a custom Stik system by injecting aviation grade oxygen directly into the compressor air intake. This allows us to bank (store) 36% Nitrox at all times for your convenience and our safety, Virtually eliminating potentially dangerous partial blending, expensive oxygen cleaning and long waits for fills. 

Air fills

  • Air fills 80cft - $6.00
  • Air fills 100cft - $6.50
  • Air fills 120cft - $7.00
  • Card of 10 Air fills 80cft - $48.00
  • Card of 10 Air fills 100cft - $52.00
  • Card of 10 Air fills 120cft - $58.00


Paintball tank fills are AIR and limited to a maximum of 3000psi




  • Nitrox fills 80cft - $8.00
  • Nitrox fills 100cft - $9.00
  • Nitrox fills 120cft - $10.00
  • Card of 10 Nitrox fills 80cft - $64
  • Card of 10 Nitrox fills 100cft - $72
  • Card of 10 Nitrox fills 120cft - $80

Nitrox above 40%

Nitrox/ Oxygen fills above 40% are location dependent. Call to inquire (866)-344-DIVE


Nitrox is the easiest way to make the most of every dive. What's the best part of a dive trip? being under water! Nitrox allows you to stay down longer and enjoy shorter surface intervals. oh, and did we mention it's safer? How? well Here's the short answer. 

Less nitrogen + more oxygen = Maximum Fun!

Did you say "Stik System"?